Once the client and the family have arrived, My Rental Tour’s Destination Services consultant ensures a smooth transition by integrating a comprehensive settling-in program. Our consultant assists with each critical phase of the relocation process.

Depending on each transferee’s needs and the approved policy these services might include:

  • Social security registration
  • Assistance with local banking procedures
  • Assist with obtaining a driver’s license, auto registration and insurance
  • Assistance with automobile purchase
  • School registration
  • Utilities, phone and cable hook up
  • Identification of medical providers
  • Selection of rental or the purchase of furniture
  • General assistance with local purchase of goods and services (e.g., appliances)
  • Ongoing access to help line
  • Assistance with language training
  • Introduction to expatriate support groups
  • Introduction to other clubs and associations
  • Assistance with securing domestic services (gardener, maid)

Ongoing support is provided throughout the assignment to address critical issues as they arise.