Relocating affects the whole family and their economic situation. A decision to relocate at all may be conditioned on the ability of the partner to replace or enhance their compensation in the new location. Even more crucial may be to stay on the career track in which they have invested a substantial amount of time and energy.

Pre-decision service effectively complements our destination services on home finding, schooling, etc. Our consultants are experts in the local market and will provide an area orientation to familiarize the whole family with the new area.

After consultation we can also provide:

  • Insight into the local market and business community
  • Profiles of local companies & organizations
  • An assessment of cost of living, compared to the departure market
  • Comparative salary & benefits information in target industries
  • Information on alternatives like education, nonprofit, volunteering

Our goal is to allow the client and their families make a realistic evaluation of their new location. The pre-decision service can also serve as an effective recruiting tool by offering a comprehensive approach to the impact of a move.