The My Rental Tour Destination Services consultant spends time prior to arrival with a client and the family learning as much about them and their move as possible. This preparation allows for a confident first step in the relocation. The goal is to gather information to make the arrival and first few days a success. The consultant will:

  • Ask about the family in detail, including interests and needs which should be met in the new location
  • Share a good deal of destination information both to inform and to elicit responses that help outline the assignment and unique needs
  • Map out educational requirements carefully if school-age children are involved in the move
  • Profile the type of residence preferred; the inevitable variety of choices can then be focused on to make the home search most effective
  • Set out in some detail an itinerary – arrival time, pickup time and place, mode of transport
  • Documents and forms necessary for the move will be discussed

My Rental Tour will, finally, confirm temporary living arrangements, hotel or other options and confirm location.