Making a move can be stressful and requires a lot of organization. We’ve put together a comprehensive list to help you and your family prepare for your move. This way, you won’t forget about the little things that are easy to overlook in the midst of your move!

Thirty Days Prior to Move Day

Here are steps you should take to prepare for the move from your current home about a month before moving day.

  • Complete change of address forms for the post office
  •  Notify these folks of your move and new address
    •  Family members, far and wide
    •  Neighbors and friends
    •  Business Associates, current and former
    •  Magazine and newspaper subscriptions
    •  Bank accounts – checking, savings, credit card
    •  Investment advisor & Accountant
    •  Pastor, priest, rabbi or imam
  •  Collect items out for repair
  •  Request medical records from all medical providers and hospitals
  •  Decide what to donate to charity and arrange for pickup


  •  Arrange for car, boat, RV or airplane storage, if leaving behind
  •  Arrange for child care for moving day
  •  Arrange to board pets on move day, and to move pets to the new location
  •  Clear up any past due bills or assessments


  •  Ask for leave of absence from clubs and local associations
  •  Notify your insurance companies of your move and new address
  •  Confirm all temporary living arrangements at new location
  •  Take a day out to visit favorite attractions once more before the move

Fifteen Days Prior to Move Day

Here are steps you should take to prepare for the move from your current home about two weeks before moving day.

  • Update your profile on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media
  •  Gather boxes to pack items for the move
  •  Set up property management services, including:
    •  Exterior inspections
    •  Landscaping
    •  Home repair and seasonal clean-up
    •  Cleaning services
    •  Utility payment for services maintained – heat, electric, gas
    •  Return library books and Netflix movies
    •  Give away house plants to green thumb friends
  •  Banking & Personal matters
    •  Reconfirm moving dates and other details
    •  Get travelers checques
    •  Arrange for funds transfer to new accounts, if applicable
    •  Gather all important valuables that you will carry to the new location
    •  Gather all prescription medications and pack for you to carry
    •  Record all important account numbers and passwords – carry one copy, put another copy in valuables carton
    •  Collect all important legal documents for you to carry
  • Make arrangements to disconnect utilities, and arrange final payment


  •  Assist children in packing important personal items – stuffed animals, etc
  •  Remind school of kids’ last day
  •  Confirm that the secret moving-away party is still on!